We have streamlined our remote support access.

In order to provide the most secure and stable remote session, we partner with 911Remote.ca which utilizes the bank-encrypted GetScreen.me technology.

In order to begin a remote session, continue with

  • Entering your name and selecting the Get Support button.
  • In a couple of moments this screen will update to show a unique support link below.

Once you have entered your name and selected the above Get Support button you will see a unique support link. Continue by:

  • Select the above generated unique support link. A new window or tab will open with the following:

Figure A – Download the 911Remote.ca support App

  • As shown in the above Figure W01 you will be directed to the 911Remote.ca download window where you can download the small support app. You can select the download button. If the incorrect operating system support app is downloaded, then select from the specific operating system noted.

In order to open the 911Remote.ca support App, look for the download icon (depending on the web browser):

  • Google Chrome Download icon.
  • Firefox Download icon.
  • Microsoft Edge icon and Open/Save window.

With the exception of the Microsoft Edge browser, select the download icon and select the 911Remote support app. For Microsoft Edge, you can instead select the open button shown in the download popup (note above).

  • For additional instructions, select the operating system you are using:

Windows Operating System

Figure W01

  • As shown above in Figure W01, you may be asked to select Yes to the Windows Security Window.

Figure W02

  • The 911Remote support App will open and will shown the Waiting for Operator window (note Figure W02 above).

Figure W03

  • Once your dedicated accountant connect, the 911Remote window will change to the Operator using the Screen as shown in Figure W03 above). You can select the chat with your dedicated Accountant.

Once the remote session is complete, you can close the 911Remote app by pressing the ALT + Q buttons together.

Mac Operating System

Figure M1

  • As shown in Figure M01 above, Double Click the Getscreen.me icon.

Figure M02

  • If you are using the Getscreen.me app for the first time, you may be asked to confirm that you want to open the Getscreen.me app, note Fiqure M02 (above).

Figure M03

  • With using the Getscreen.me App, you will need to make one change in your settings, note Figure M03 (above).

Figure M04

  • Locate the Getscreen.me app and select the option to allow screen recording, (note Figure M04 above).

Figure M05

  • You may be asked to enter your Mac password, (note Figure M05 above).

Figure M06

  • As show in Figure M06, (above) you may be asked to Quit and ReOpen the Getscreen.me App. You do not need to Quit and Reopen but instead can select the Later button.

Figure M07

  • If you selected the Later button (note Figure M06 above) then you will be shown the Accessibility Permission window, (note Figure M07). You can select the Setup Later as you have completed this step already.

Figure M08

  • You are all ready for your Dedicated Accountant to connect (note Figure M08). You can notify your Dedicated Accountant that you are ready for them to remotely connect to your Mac.

When the remote session is complete, you can close the Getscreen.me App by pressing the COMMAND + Q keys.

Linux Operating System

While no accounting or tax software is supported on the Linux Operating system, if you are directed to connect your Linux computer, your Dedicated Accountant will send you the instructions by e-mail.