Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the complete planning of your family's finances. This includes wealth accumulation, debt reduction, lifestyle and retirement, and tax planning.

The First Step is to receive our Financial Planning Questionnaire:

Why will you benefit from fee-based financial planning?

Six Steps of Financial Planning - Canadian Accounting Group Inc.
Figure 1. Six Steps of our Financial Planning.

We make it very straight forward using our six overall step approach for financial planning:

  1. Establish Relationship is where we first meet with you to determine what your financial goals are. Perhaps buying your first home, or wanting to retire early or ensuring you have a suitable level of retirement income. You tell us your idea's so that we can learn exactly what your financial goals will be.
  2. Confidential Information Gathering your financial and family information. This is required as we need to have a starting point in your financial goals journey.
  3. Analyze and Evaluate is where your dedicated accountant and our office review your financial data, determine multiple scenario and paths to achieve your financial goals.
  4. Develop Personalized Strategy is where we meet with you to go through the various scenarios, finalizing a financial plan to your goals.
  5. Implement Solutions is where we put your financial plan to work for you.
  6. Monitor Progress and Update will involve us reviewing your financial growth to ensure that not all planned points are being reached or if adjustment to the financial plan is required.

What is the Next Step?

The first step is for us to receive your Personal Financial Information so we can be as informed as possible.

While you may think this will time-intensive, the process is not as we will walk you through each step, including providing tips and guidance on how you can gather this vital information.

This guidance will start with us making contact (either Phone, Zoom (of other video platform) or even Mobile Office on In-Home to go through the Personal Financial Questionnaire.

Start with select the following:

We of course are here to assist you through the Financial Planning journey and look forward to working with you in achieving your financial goals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by either:


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