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Are we a typical accounting firm that moves your file through departments or to junior staff members to do your work so that an accountant can sign off, with you, the client thinking the accountant did the work instead of junior staff members?

One answer... No Way! Instead, you are assigned a specific accountant who handles your work movement, only drawing on experienced staff members for bookkeeping work (as this will save you substantial fees).

If you are a personal client, your tax return is handled from start to finish by the assigned accountant. The only staff's involvement in gathering the required information from you, the client and preparing any tallying of expenses or deduction totals. And when it comes to providing the results, you hear this directly from the client along with advice on how to handle your upcoming tax year to achieve a substantially better outcome.

For a Corporate client, not only are you assigned a specific tax accountant for both your corporate and personal finance, accounting and taxation requirements, you are also assigned a specific, highly experienced and certified bookkeeper. Our bookkeeper team has an average of 18 years of experience for each bookkeeper. You will have direct contact with both your assigned bookkeeper and assigned accountant by phone, e-mail, text (SMS) and website chat 24/7 (as your business does not stop at bankers' hours). Regarding the financial statements and corporate tax returns preparation, your assigned accountant handles this whole process from start to finish. A mandatory appointment with you to review and plan for the upcoming corporate year-end is also part of the year-end process. When it comes to day-by-day operations, our business advisors are ready for your most complex requests. Our firm solely owns CDNPayroll.com, which provides payroll solutions to businesses from coast to coast with over 14,800 paycheques issued every two weeks for our client's employee's.

Since 1986, we have been working directly with our clients. Our fees are highly competitive. Our experience in-depth and all without the typical confusing technical language, just results and advice you can use in your personal and business affairs.

Add to this our team environment, which includes the latest in technology which allows our firm to not only make our fees highly affordable but puts you in contact with your dedicated team at a moment's notice.

Since 1986 we have a team of professionals that we also call on, including Norton Rose Bullright (4th largest firms in Canada, 2nd in the USA and 10th globally). We work closely with specialized lawyers who can assist us in any legal area of your business or personal matter ranging from shareholders agreements, complex wills, trusts, purchases, USA/Global expansion, marital, disputes - you name it. Our technology alliances include noLimitz, whose internet and e-commerce solutions cover all four corners of the world with over 12,800 domains under management, providing solutions to over 11 million users monthly.

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