Firm Overview

Choquette & Company Accounting Group Incorporated was founded in 1986 and continues providing affordable, professional and effective tax, accounting, small business and corporate solutions for clients across Canada.

Choquette & Company Accounting Group Incorporated is now in partnership with the Canadian Accounting Group Incorporated, which gives our clients access to the largest pool of services, all while keeping our fees highly affordable.

My goal is to always work with my clients in providing transparent services. The growth and prosperity of every client is what we strive to achieve ever since my first client (my father's corporation) in 1986.

We're here to help you with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Choquette & Company continues to expand its technology allowing our client to have access to the latest technology, all while making our firm more efficient and cost effective.

Our mission

Our Mission to our Client is the following:

  • Work with our clients, not for them.
  • Think outside the box and yes outside the office.
  • Maintain to be cost-effective to our clients.
  • Be available for our clients, at all hours.
  • Meet with our clients on their schedule and at their locations.

Looking for an Accountant who thinks outside the box and works with you, not for you?