Our Approach

Can your accountant be personable and provide advice without all the technical jargon?

The answer is Yes! Here os how our firm is different and provides that one-on-one financial and tax services when you need it:

  • First off,  what happens if I need to reach my accountant outside banker hours (9 to 5)?
    • While other accountants start work at 9 am and quit at 5 pm, your Dedicated Accountant is available when you need to get your financial or tax inquiry answered
  • Now, what does your Dedicated Accountant mean?
    • Your Dedicated Accountant is your accountant from A through Z! No being shuffled from our department or personnel to another, but instead, your Dedicated Accountant will be your single contact regarding your financial and tax affairs.
  • Will I be confused with the technical jargon, like most Accountants provide?
    • Your Dedicated Accountant will provide advice that will be concise and easy to follow and without any technical jargon. If you have any issues in acting on the advice provided, your Dedicated Accountant will be able to provide a Video Appointment (Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger, Apple Messenger, Skype and other platforms) and can even assist you through remote access. Remote Access is where you grant access, and your Dedicated Accountant will view your screen and even provide keyboard and mouse stokes/movement to solve your inquiry.

What about this being available more than 9 to 5? Well, we realize that your financial and tax requirements might just happen outside of the 9 to 5 (banker hours), so your Dedicated Accountant is available when you need them. You will be provided with your Dedicated Accountants SMS number so that you can Text/SMS/MMS your Dedicated Accountant with your Financial or Tax inquiry. You will find that your Dedicated Accountant will reply normally within 1-5 minutes. As well you can also message your Dedicated Accountant from either any page on our website (look for the icon in the bottom right-hand corner) or on FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other Social Media messaging apps.

No matter the platform, no matter the date or time, your Dedicated Accountant is only a message away!


how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Andre comes to the curbside, does my submission quickly and efficiently. He and his team are the best 🙂

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Jani Morrison

Looking for a First-Class Dedicated Accountant??

Our Vast Experiance

Personal Income Tax

All types of Personal Tax returns Employment, Investments, Rental Income, Self-Employed, Farming, Fishing for Canada and USA.

Financial, Estate & Business Planning

Fee based financial planning for both personal and businesses. Tax Planning, Estate Planning. Business Startup & Succession, Retirement, Debt Analysis

Business Services

Starting, Buying or Selling, Business Plans and Presentations, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Statements and Business, Corporate, GST/HST & Sales Tax Returns. Canada, USA, Overseas and Off-Shore.

Retail (Physical and Online)

Product Development, Inventory Management, Point of Sale, Sales Taxes, Pricing and Customer Support, On-line development, support and analysis. Multi-Currency/Juristictions.

Service Industries

We support all service industries Plumber, Electrician, Roofer, Painter, Cleaner, Consultant, Developer, all service industries. Your business will succeed with your Dedicated Accountants financial & tax planning.

On-line, In-Office or Mobile Appointments

We offer appointments during day, evening, weekend and even holidays. On-line (all platforms), Telephone, In-Office, Mobile Office and In-Home/Business.

Difference between a business owner and business leader?
Is your Dedicated Accountant