Using Zoom to Access Meeting with Us

Using Zoom is as simple as 1-2-3. If you have any issues, we are here to help you!


Continue with the following instructions:

  1. On a smartphone, tablet, computer or notebook that has both audio and a microphone (so you can hear and speak), select from the following to install the latest version of Zoom:
  2. Click this link to receive straightforward instructions on how to use Zoom for our meeting. This link includes video instructions¹.
  3. About 5 mins before our scheduled Zoom meeting with you, click on the link within our meeting invitation (which we sent to your e-mail) on your installed Zoom device. If you need the Zoom link re-sent, please either click here to e-mail our office (³ or on your smartphone or text/sms enabled device, click here to text/sms our office at 604-813-3539⁴.


  1. Opens an external link within a new Tab or Window.

  2. OS means Operating System.

  3. Will open your default e-mail app with a default e-mail (please fill in the fields).

  4. Will open a Text/SMS message on your smartphone.