Adobe Acrobat PDF Help

This page is provided for our clients to download and either enter information directly or print the Adobe Acrobat documents on our website.

It should be noted that Adobe Acrobat and the PDF are registered trademarks of, and we respect these trademarks accordingly throughout our website.

Our website contains two types of Adobe Acrobat PDF documents:

  1. Adobe Acrobat Form PDF documents are Acrobat PDF forms in which you can enter information within the form and e-mail this completed form directly to our office (buttons within each Adobe Acrobat Form PDF document). These will be identified as PDF Form or Acrobat Form documents.
  2. Adobe Acrobat Paper PDF documents are meant to be downloaded, printed, and completed by hand before being returned to our office by scan, text/SMS, or delivery to our office. The documents will be identified as Adobe Acrobat PDF Paper Documents.

Please note that all PDF documents within our website are governed by our copyright and are to be used in accordance to an active engagement with our firm. Use outside of this agreement must be approved in writing before use. While entry of information is permitted within our PDF forms, any Modification of any PDF documents is not permitted.

Our firm utilizes the latest features from the Adobe Acrobat platform, and there, it is essential that you only use the official Adobe Acrobat App to access our Acrobat PDF documents. You can get the latest version of the official Adobe Acrobat Reader App by selecting the following:

Note that if you are using a registered version of the full Adobe Acrobat App, please ensure that you are using the latest version by selecting the update app option.


  • Notes the above button will open in a New Window-Tab.
  • Notes the above button opens to an external link, outside of the website, users are cautioned.