How to Send us Files

This page will show you how to send us files using our secure portal.

The instructions are for clients who have an active engagement with our firm.

(New Client): If you are a new client who has not signed an engagement with our firm, please first continue with:

(Existing Clients): For clients who have an active engagement (having signed a prior engagement), note that the first instruction will open the upload page in a new window or browser tab; however, you can refer to this page for the remaining instructions.

NOTE: Selecting any of the following Figures will show you an expanded (larger) image for reference.

Continue with:


Figure B1


  • On the Upload web page/ tab (Figure B1), complete your:
    • E-Mail Address
    • Your Name
    • Your Mobile Phone Number
    • Select the Type of Submission. If your type does not appear, then select Other.


Figure B2


Scroll down in the upload section (Figure B2) (to show the attach and send buttons) to:


Figure B3


    • Provide a brief description of what type of documents you are sending our firm, including any passwords that will allow our office to access your submitted files, (if applicable), (Figure B3).
    • Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Figure B3).
    • Click the Attach button. 
      • If you are using your smartphone, you may be prompted for:
        • Photo Library: which you will select if you are sending us photo's. You will then be prompted to select the photo's you wish to send us.
        • Take a Photo or Video: We suggest you instead take photo's of your documents first then, use the above Photo Library option.
        • Choose Files: If you are sending us files. You will then Browsr to the location of the Accounting Backup file (Figure B3). The backup files end with the following:
      • .qbb = Quickbooks Backup file.
      • .cab = Sage Backup File.


Figure B4


    • Do not leave the page or close the browser tab, as your file will now attach with you being shown a progress bar (note B4).


Figure B5


    • Once the Accounting Software File is attached, then continue by clicking the Send button (Figure B5).


Figure B6


  • IMPORTANT: Once the submission is completed (Figure B6), please note the Submission Receipt Number (#516285) above Figure B5). Also, continue by notifying our office by e-mail. Please complete either of the following: