Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Splitting

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Splitting allows you to split your CPP pension(s) as a couple to lower your overall taxes.

Do not get confused with Pension Splitting, which is the ability (under our guidance) to split up to 50% of your private pension (excluding CPP and Old Age Security) with your spouse when we prepare that year's Personal Tax Return. This also allows you, as a couple, to lower your overall taxes.

In a nutshell, your (your spouse's) CPP Pension must be split at the source (meaning through application to Service Canada), while Private Pension Splitting is done by our office when we prepare your Personal Taxes.

We have divided the CPP into various sections and suggest you review each section carefully. If you need assistance at any time, please select the chat icon at the bottom of this (or any screen on our website) to chat with an accountant. You can also SMS/Text/MMS us at 604-813-3539 (Click to SMS/Text/MMS Now).