Remote Access

We are here to help!

As you have selected our office to assist you remotely. We need you to grant our office this access.

We use a secure (bank encrypted) support app. Access is only granted when you provide the unique 9 digit code as well as confirm one-time access.

First off, if you need assistance on how to download an open an app, please Click here for help.

Continue with select the appropriate support app:

Once you have downloaded the small support app, open this app. It will display a unique 9 digit code.

Continue by either:


The remote access app must be open (running) in order to grant access to your computer.

Note that before we are granted remote access, you will need to confirm this access on your  computer screen.

Also note, that once you close the support app, our remote access is terminated. You can however keep the app if your should require our office to provide remote access in the future.

Web Browser Help

Select the following links for help on how to download and install a app using your preferred web browser: