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Business Startup
Starting your business on the right foot is vital. From choosing the business structure as well as handling the companies shares, year-end - we are here to get your company off the ground.
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Personal Tax Preparation
Audit and assurance is all about meticulous data analysis. Everything needs to be checked, double checked, and triple checked.
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Choquette & Company Accounting Group Inc. - Bookkeeping Services
Every receipt is vital in recording the company's accounting. Bookkeeping can take many formats, but all of them result in every receipt being captured.
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Buying a Business
Purchasing a business with the assistance of your Dedicated Accountant and the team at our firm will be a smooth transition through the Purchase process.
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Financial Projections
This stops companies from taking drastic measures like downsizing or closing down sites; those things happen only with no or bad financial projections.
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International Business Opportunities
We allow you to enter international waters without having to worry about making a mistake, as we use our international experience.
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Business Planning, Strategy & Execution
Execution is the single most important part of the whole process, poor execution can result in a lot of lost time and money.
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Andre comes to the curbside, does my submission quickly and efficiently. He and his team are the best 🙂

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Jani Morrison